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Xstatic Dance Kent
Letting Your Inner Wild Side Out

There is a dancer within all of us!

Do you remember how it was like to dance when you were a child? Wild and free and without any restrictions or judgments.  You just moved your body however you liked to the rhythm of the beat, flowing in every second, fully letting go of control and surrendering to the moment and the music. Your whole body was radiating with joy and light. 

Well, you can (and should) still dance like this, even if you’re a grown-up now. Of course, if you just start dancing around like crazy in the supermarket, your fellow humans will probably think you are "coocoo"... But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t deprive yourself of the many pleasures and benefits of Xstatic Dance. We are always told to be serious, to behave and dance a certain way but maybe what we really need is to let our inner child out and embrace our purest self with all its beauty.

The effects of Xstatic Dance are many and are varying depending on the dancer. A lot of dancers report a feeling of bliss and happiness, due to the ecstatic state of being. Xstatic Dance can also be extremely therapeutic, healing trauma, old wounds and limiting beliefs on a physical level. Many dancers also feel more connected to their peers and their own emotions.

Xstatic Dance is by no means a New Age practice. It has been around since ancient times and practiced for centuries. From the Greek times, to shamanism practiced throughout the world, Xstatic Dance was considered as a  spiritual practice and intended to alter states of consciousness in the individual.

Today Xstatic Dance is found in many different varieties and traditions throughout the whole world but without drugs, alcohol or a nightclub.  Xstatic Dance is being used more and more today in a therapeutic setting as well. It can help the dancer let go of emotions, process problems from the perspective of the body and not of the conscious mind and heal the inner child, by giving him or her love and attention through the dance.  

Everyone that loves to move and get unstuck and out of the boring day-to-day routine should try Xstatic Dance and let their inner wild soul out. It could be your cure for a more blissful life, especially if you’re the ‘I-cannot meditate-because-I-cannot-sit-still‘-type. Plus, it is extremely bonding and community strengthening, so a great exercise to practice together. 

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The details:

As mentioned above, Xstatic Dance is a type of free-form dancing inviting people to connect to themselves and to others through music and movement.  Often practiced without a fixed choreography. The idea of Xstatic Dance is to completely lend yourself and your body to the rhythm of the music. You'll move freely through the space leading to a state of bliss and helping you drop a deep meditative state and fully in the present moment. It starts and finishes with a short opening and closing circle led by myself as a Ceremony Leader.  The format is as follow:

  • 10.30 Warm-up music

  • 10.45 Opening circle

  • 11.00 Ecstatic Dance - DOORS CLOSED 10:55 - PLEASE ARRIVE BY 10:30 am LATEST.

  • 12.30 Closing circle


There is no teacher as such, but we ask you to follow a few guidelines:

1. No talking.  Xstatic Dance is a silent practice - you are welcome to communicate with others with your body language, but please keep words outside the space.

2. No shoes. Barefoot dancing helps us ground ourselves by creating direct contact between our feet and the earth

3. No drugs/alcohol. Xstatic Dance is a conscious practice embracing mindfulness.

4. Phone-free zone. Encouraging safety & presence. Be here now.

5. Respect of self and other. We ask participants to take responsibility for themselves, but also to watch out for others and be mindful of their personal space. Consider your actions & how they can affect the space.

6. Stay dressed please; tops & bottoms on for men and women alike.

  • What to bring? A large water bottle (preferably reusable, we've put enough plastic on this planet) and a blanket to lie/sit on.

  • What to wear? Dress ready to move, in layers and according to the temperature. Dress however you wish, but stay dressed please; tops & bottoms on for men and women alike. Most dancers probably come dressed as they would for say a yoga or fitness class, or for a festival boogie. :)

  • Why do the doors close at 10:55am? what if I just want to drop in at any time? This is a practice (albeit a great fun one!).  We ask all dancers to be in the space ready to begin at 10:30am. We allow for those who have genuine reasons to be late, but really this must be taken as the cutoff time to promote safety and grounding in a held container as well as to allow the fullest & deepest experience for all.

  • What are your social distancing measures? The space is sanitised regularly. We also keep a large bottle of hand sanitiser at your disposal.

  • What kind of music? Xstatic Dance music is eclectic and not linked to any specific genre. We start with ambient, chilled out tunes then bring you on an xstatic journey with electronica, world music and ethnic beats before bringing you back down with downtempo tracks and finish with a gentle music.  We may also use Sound Healing equipments.

  • Are children allowed? Absolutely -we love kids!  Our dances are family-friendly and under 12s can come for free (subject to availability/event not selling out!). Please remember this is a practice and a moving meditation and so children must be supervised so that the space is not disrupted for others. We recommend to bring ear defenders / plugs for sensitive ears.

  • What is your refund policy? We don't offer any refunds, but we can transfer your ticket to another person (please give details) or to a future date if you notify us up to 48 hours before the event. 



For more info contact

Farah: - 07860476602 

Rebecca: - 07462 190985

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