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2nd - 4th june, kent


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Immerse Yourself with Good Vibes

Join us for an epic week end retreat of dance, kakao, drum, sister connection, rejuvenation and FUN in the heart of White Cliffs Country. 

This is an opportunity to delve deeper into our inner world, retreat to nature with some amazing ladies. Chances are, these beautiful souls have the same reasons as you take a break, to recenter and to leave refreshed and grounded


Below is a flavour of previous retreats


Since in nappies,  I have been shaking my hips to the beat of the drum.  Surrounded by women in sacred circles led by the wise one, we danced, we surrendered and we healed together.  Plant medicine and dance of the drum was the sacred tools that helped women lift each other up celebrating sadness and joy.  My intention is to share these powerful modalities that are rooted in my soul and guide you through a wonderful experience to nourish your body, mind and spirit.  Dance, Drum and Kakao Journey will be the heart of this retreat.   See you there!

Farah x



This is an opportunity to dedicate time for yourself to reconnect, to bring back the zest, the joy of life, and to gain clarity to make more meaningful decisions in life.  Through guided and self-directed holistic activities, it's your chance to soak up the nature surroundings and switch off from your busy life. 


We will gather in sisterhood to support, lift and honour each other!  When women get together, POWERFUL healing take place, not only on the collective energy but also on each and every woman taking part in the experience.

There will be a range of different activities throughout the week end (see below) which I encourage you to take part in but none are compulsory and you can choose depending how you feel at the time. You might just simply want to take time out, sit quietly, in your own company.  This is YOUR "ME" TIME.


Sample of activities...

  • Holistic Dance/ Ecstatic Dance

Although not a structured dance or a choreographed routine, you will be gently guided to help you drop into your body, to inspire you to move your body freely with a movement meditation practice, intended to create an experiential and embodied connection with your soul and the world.  When you express your body through therapeutic dance practice, you can be the master of your own creative artistic dance.   You can also totally lose yourself in the music and be your own artist on the dance floor.

  • Kakao Ceremony

Kakao/Cacao Ceremony is a facilitator of self-reflection and spiritual awakening, allowing us to contemplate who we are, view our wishes and dreams and let go of the past traumas and ancestor wounds in order to expand and free ourselves from any blockages that don't serve us so we can live in our true essence and feel whole.  This is your chance to participate in a Kakao ceremony.  For more information visit Kakao Ceremony 

  • Walk in nature / Wild swimming 

Enjoy the walk in the beautiful surroundings, you can either join the group walk or wonder on your own to find your stillness and calm.   Might be going wild swimming at the nearest beach.

  • Camp Fire and Drum Circle

The drum is a natural community builder; it synchronises our heart rate and breathing with the rhythm.  This synchronisation helps us to connect to the fire and to the drum powerful forces.   It is a magical experience when we gather in a circle around the fire, where everyone is seen and invited to join in the flow of the rhythm the drum.

  • Indulge in delicious Vegan food

Gather together around a homemade,  hearty (Vegan & Gluten Free) meal.  If you do have any diet requirements please let me know in advance.

2nd - 4th June, Kent -
You will have the opportunity to stay at the Historic Manor in the White Cliffs Country in the picturesque hamlet of Westcliffe.  Home to the Queen Eleanor of Castille and William Pitt the Younger!
The Bedrooms:
Room sharing (2 per room) with private ensuite bathrooms. Each one has beamed ceilings and a Jacobean fireplace.

There are landscaped gardens and a terrace for relaxing, journaling and just getting lost in nature.

The stunning place It's just a mile from the clifftops and beach at St. Margaret's Bay, so perfect for a wild swim or for exploring the Kent Downs.
COST £333 
(payment plan available on request)
Includes: Accommodation, food, drinks and all activities
please note there will be no alcohol during this retreat


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