Hey sweet soul, welcome to this soulful space, I hope you'll find something that speaks to you...

The purpose is to bring to you many holistic and natural practices using plant medicine to support you and help you love and nourish yourself "whole" daily. 

Good plant based nutrition and natural healing using Mama's Earth gifts, such as essential oils and sacred cacao (the source of all chocolate) that will fuel your body, mind and soul! 

Explore each tab at the top and I hope we can connect inside and outside this virtual platform!

a little bit about me 

It's always hard for people to talk about themselves and summarise their personality in a short paragraph.  I guess that's probably why they refer to the third person in their profile lol.

About me...for many years, I couldn't pin down an identity which summarises me...I felt that I can be anything and everything and that bothered me so much because it was difficult to narrow down who I am and give myself a tag!

Just recently, I learnt that it is actually better not to give ourselves an "identity"which boxes us in one label or a role that we may play for the rest of our life.  Shock horror!

Let's go back to who am I?... in a nutshell, I am a mama, a wife, a massive Latin and African music lover, completely LOCA about dance , I teach Zumba to feed my addiction to music and dance and also fulfil my soul  when I see the smile on my students' faces. 

The thing I am most passionate about is:  S.E.L.F - L.O.V.E 

Self-love has different meaning...to me, self-love is about accepting that putting my needs first is a priority. This doesn’t mean I'm selfish; it means that I care enough about MYself to take my mental and physical health into account. This will allow me to take better care for the people around me. No one can perform self-love for me, so it’s important to be my own best friend.  To cut the story short, I manage to love myself enough to stop bullying myself with emotional eating!  Binge eating was a way to punish myself for not feeling good enough/inadequate!  Pressures were from my corporate job, peers, family... but most of the pressure was coming from ME!  I had a choice to either go drown the "poor me the victim" route or connect to my soul deep enough to know that I am the only one who can balance my emotions and care enough to love me for who I truly am...a beautiful soul!  My ways to love me is define in below and translated in this platform to help you find some tools that will resonate with you and that you can practice to be faithful to that which exists within yourself.







































FOOD, healthy plant based food in particular, I am always on the look out for the next healthy tip and trick.  My non guilty pleasure is RAW CACAO I use it for everything...snack, dessert and also as a drink for motivation, inspiration and meditation too!  Juices are a big part of my life, I have been juicing for almost 6 and a half years without a SINGLE miss, so pretty solid there hehe! My love for healthy eating led me to become a Weight Loss Practitioner and grew my knowledge for helping people look after their health from the inside.  I decided to explore more on the Raw Diet and have been eating 80% raw for few years now and have qualified as a Raw Food Teacher!  I hold raw food workshops, including Raw Chocolate workshops too, keep an eye on my event page.  After my raw food adventure, I became VEGAN since April 2018, it has been an eye opening journey and still on going and growing, my views on how to impact positively on Mama Earth, from animal care, to changes on the environments, that can directly or indirectly be caused by me the human!!

CACAO, my love for Cacao took another spin, as a spiritual being, I had a strong connection with the energy of Cacao and it was simply calling me to work with it closely.... so I have decided to dig deeper into the blessing of this ancient medicine, the source of all chocolate!  I  graduated from a Cacaoista Apprenticeship which means not only that I have had an immense transformation in my own experience with the cacao spirit/energy, which cracked my soul open in such a profound and positive way, but also became a space holder/facilitator for this master medicine and now am able to offer sacred spaces for women to open their heart to this gentle healer.  More on my Cacaoisista offerings here

ESSENTIAL OILS, I jumped into the world of holistic and plant therapy when I grew my passion for healthy lifestyle and so it was an easy area to explore and learn more about plant medicine for healing.  Since I was little, we use to go foraging for plants/herbs to cook with but also they were our only go to treat the usual ailments.  My love for essential oils led me to become a Wellness Advocate with DoTERRA, the no 1 leading essential oils company in the world which has helped me not only financially but also empowered me to become an entrepreneur and inspire others to bring them the same joy and healing that I experience with DoTERRA and their amazing essential oils.  My mission is to raise awareness of the healing powers in plants and create spaces for people to access easy and fun way to use essential oils safely and effectively by guiding them and supporting them until they feel empowered themselves.  Learn more about essential oils here 

CONSCIOUS BUSINESS CREATION, since I was little, I always remembered my dad, rest his soul, saying to me "Farah...work for NO ONE, be YOUR OWN BOSS"

As inspiring as it sounded and anchored in the back of my conscience, it terrified me!!  I came to DoTERRA to build the dream business I always wanted to have, a business that keeps my health on check, empowers me to grow as a business leader and be mentored and inspired by amazing like minded individuals and helps me grow a community of conscious creators and leaders who will duplicate and take forward the mission we intend to do for a better health and impact on Mother Earth.

For more on the Biz go here 

You'll find in this space I created only THE most of my passions I want to share with you (otherwise it will literally takes a novel to list them all) so I hope that you;

Connect with me, I look forward to soul connection for anything we have in common :) 

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About Me

It's always hard for people to talk about themselves and summarise their personality in a short paragraph.  I guess that's probably why they refer to the third person in their profile lol.


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