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 my story

Cultivating bliss Through Nature and dance


I grew up with a family of Herbalists, Women Healers and Crafters who turned to their own wisdom to heal themselves and their community through Nature and Dance.   Since I can remember, I was always surrounded by women in circles where I felt safe and held.  This  ritual modality was a secluded place for women to share their experiences, prayers, support each other, DANCE and drink PLANT MEDICINE to heal.  I have always been drawn to share this experience with women ( and men in some occasions).  I trained in the traditional indigenous way to work with Kakao Medicine and after so many year of teaching Dance, I became a Dance and Creative Meditation Therapist.

So in this virtual and offline (Live) space, I want to share with you my two biggest passions in life, The DANCE MEDICINE & PLANT WISDOM.

I founded Heartbliss Kakao (all to do with Kakao Plant Medicine) with a mission to give others a taste of what real bliss feels like when we open our heart to receive it.  I believe we are our own damn Healer and I am here to simply hold a space for you, to share my knowledge of Plant Wisdom and lead you to find your own guidance that already exists in you. Kakao bliss is a journey of personal discovery and growth, you can go in as deep or as light as you wish, the journey is yours... It is a gentle patient process and I have been at it ever since  my soul cracked open with this Master Plant.

Take some time to explore this virtual space, try the Heartbliss Kakao, come to my Kakao Ceremonies, read something interesting blogs, and feel free to reach out if you would like to collaborate on a project together.

When it comes to dancing, again since I can remember, I've always had a scarf around my hips dancing to the beat of the drum in Women's Circles, a tradition I grew up in and which has impacted and taught me so much in my adulthood. 

I have never taken dance classes when I was a kid, as my childhood was   mainly devoted to competing as a Professional Gymnast.  However, deep down in my heart, I knew that dance is the language of my soul and my body was longing to move freely!

After many year of teaching Zumba (which I still do) my body and my soul were calling for Holistic Dance Modalities, the kind of dance that I witnesses when I was in those women's circles, healing and nourishing deep in our being a reminder of how much Dance is Medicine!  Much more to be said but I think the best way to express growth and healing through Dance is to simply experience it and I wish that for you.

In the Dance The Alchemy tab, you will find more info on the different dance modalities I offer.  Some of them are coming to fruition very soon.  Everything comes in its own time.  I hope to see you on the dance floor that resonates with you very soon.

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