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Below, you will find all my offerings.  Make sure to leave your details at the bottom of the page so you can be the first to receive an invite to the next events.

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A Women Circle is a safe space for self-reflection and rest, free of judgement. These Gatherings encourage the group to connect as a sisterhood, and to share their wisdom and experiences...We will hold calming themed rituals, honouring our emotions and setting intentions.  Each gathering will be different flowing with the circle of life.  I hope you can join our next event.



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Shamanic Dance and Kakao Ceremonies is a combo between Dance & Kakao.  Both practices are powerful on their own but when combined together, the Shamanic Journey is amplified. The Dance is a guided meditative movement, a combination with free flow and dancing with the Elements (Earth, Fire, Water and Air & Ether).  Will drink the Sacred Kakao in a ceremony honouring this Master Plant Medicine and we go into a dance journey to help you drop into your heart and experience the loving vibes of Kakao and your dance partner, your body!


alchemista dance

Alchemista Dance is a beautiful Chakra Dancing practice, a holistic and mindful dance which helps balance the body's energy through movement, dance and creative meditation.  It is a heart centred dance modality with a deep connection to all our energy centres from Root to Crown chakra.  I invite you to discover the power and the energy that resides within you, it is like coming home! 

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xstatic dance

Xstatic Dance is a beautiful Conscious dance, you will get lost in the music and let your body move the way it feels like.  We will have themed rituals to focus our energy.  I am also a Conscious Dance DJ, the music is very specific to Xstatic Dance.  You will be taken into a beautiful journey with the music dancing with  your partner... your body!  Be sure to be invited to the next one.

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