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Hello beautiful souls and welcome to this conscious space specially offered to you.

Some of you have been or still are part of of my dance tribe, whether attending weekly dance classes or to my monthly Xstatic Dance sessions, others to my kakao ceremonies/ holistic workshops or had Human Design Reading with me, it is an immense honour to have crossed paths ...and for you the newbie, you are very welcome too.   I really hope we will have an amazing journey of discovery and growth together!

Know that it is not a coincidence and without a doubt, you have been drawn to my energy field for a reason!  Your soul is calling for connections, sisterhood and expansion... you are in the right place.  My purpose is to bring women (and men in some occasions) together to dance, to move to music, to heal to the beat of the drums and to open our heart to collectively receive the healing of dance and plant medicine.   This space is open to all who want to use dance and or plant medicine for healing!

There is real magic when we gather goodness collectively and give it out with abundance.  Through dance, sound healing, plant medicine and many other holistic + ancient practices you'll discover on here, you will be able to activate your inner energy and find the language of your soul to experience freedom, balance and flow.  It is also through the releasing of the heart, mind and body, we awaken the vibrant feminine and masculine energies that already exist within us to reach embodiment and alignment with our higher self.

My deepest inspiration is Mother Nature, as she gift us with so many ways to live as healthy human beings, I always go back to her wisdom, to the plant medicine for their guidance, to the beat of the drum (my roots) to ground and connect me with my own heart beat.

I have trained in Plant Healing and Dance Therapy so I can hold safe, fun and sacred space for you, to pass on this learning and knowledge to you so we can raise awareness, vibrational frequencies and connection between us Beings and nature's wisdom with different dance modalities and plant medicine!

Below you will find DANCE sections, being complementary to each other, I invite you to explore both or whichever resonates with your heart.   This website is being updated as you read so please reach out to me for any questions Get to know me

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Dance is Medicine, a therapeutic movement which affects the body on the cellular level and has an impact not only on the physical health but also mental and emotional health. Music and sound healing instruments can be very powerful. It can affect our moods and our state of well-being by triggering memories and other emotional experiences.  You'll find a variety of dance healing modalities on this site, from Chakra Dancing & creative movement meditation, Bellyfit, Zumba, Heartbliss Kakao Dance and Xstatic Dance...


Kakao is a nurturing and sacred plant medicine that wraps us in a blanket of divine love, reminding us of how precious we are. It's the source of all bliss and the "real" chocolate that has a multitude of health benefits.  This fruit is a great method for helping you deeply connect with your inner self and others by opening your heart. People living with anxiety and fears find more joy and love by using Kakao more often.  You will find all the information about Kakao Cermonies I hold and how to get your hands on Heartbliss Kakao 

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