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Zumba dancing has been the medicine for so many souls for so many years even more so since the lockdown started. Myself and beautiful Z instructors, Laura, Val, Cherry came together to extend this medicine and offered it to the wider audience, not only we did it to keep our mood lifted and supported our students but also to show our appreciation for the NHS, those who have lost their lives saving ours and those who have done and still do such an amazing job putting themselves at risk.

So we run a 2 hour Zumbathon of dance and joy with you 56 ladies and Kevin :) who came online wearing their amazing rainbow colours and were part of this humble initiative... we were so overwhelmed by the generosity of their donations, their happiness they brought with them and their smile!!  We raised £830 for the NHS and we are soooo proud and we thank everyone who took part!

As Zumba instructors, we are ever so grateful for you beautiful Z friends and without you we won't be here doing what we love best, dance with you and make you smile.  You can catch up with all the updates, live videos and pictures here 


I know the Zumbathon event ended but your donations are still welcome!!If you want to give what you can use the link below


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