Simple Full Moon Ritual

The full phase of the moon is associated with harvest, celebration and gratitude. Do a gratitude ritual to give thanks for all the existing blessings, gifts, wisdom and experiences in your life. Acknowledge all the things you have manifested so far, small or big, if your intentions are still new, you may only see small changes, but the power of gratitude combined with the full moon will supercharge you manifestation energy.

Gratitude Ritual

Cultivating gratitude is an extremely powerful practice that can have profound benefits on your life. Gratitude has been associated with improved mental and physical health and happier relationships.

Sit comfortably in your sacred space, if you haven't got one, I highly encourage you to create a sacred space for you, which is a place where you feel physically, emotionally and spiritually safe. It is an energetically clear area, where you can perform rituals such as meditation, journaling, or simply some stillness. An altar is a dedicated sacred space in your home, garden that is decorated with objects which are sacred to you. Your altar should be and feel peaceful and reminds you of your intentions whenever you look at it. You can set up a temporary altar if you wish to perform a ritual away from home.

Spend a few minutes centring yourself by meditating, earthing (walking barefoot on grass or anywhere where you feel connected to the earth), drawing, chanting, drumming, or any method you feel comfortable with.

In your journal, write a list of all the things you are grateful for. Think of as many as you can, no matter how small and write as much details as you can. If there are people in your gratitude list, think of ways in which you can express your gratitude to them - perhaps a message or an act of kindness. For best result do this at least twice a month.

Have a safe place where you can burn your gratitude list, can be in a cauldron or a fireproof container, away from your smoke alarm and anything that can be a hazard. If you can do this outside the house in a garden for example it is a lot safer. I also use the sink to do this.

Your gratitude will be sent to the universe and energetically you will feel connected to it. Everything is energy which matches itself with the same frequency so and when we lift our positive vibrations, we raise our frequency to be match with what we want to manifest in our life. Gratitude comes from the heart and opens a space for abundance and peace, what we all want isn't it?

Releasing Ritual

The full moon amplifies emotional sensitivity and can bring up intense feelings which can often be overwhelming. A releasing ritual will help you to harness this energy and use it to create a powerful shift in your life. However releasing work should only be done after the moon has reached fullness and has started to wane.

Use the following ritual to release anything that is no longer serving you. This could be negative thoughts patterns, bad habits or unhealthy attachments.

You will need:

  • Pen and paper

  • Fireproof container

  • Candle

  • Bowl of salt

  • Bowl of water

Find somewhere where you can sit comfortably to write, with at least 1 metre space surrounding you. Place fireproof container in the East, a lit candle in the South, a bowl of water in the West and a bowl of salt in the North. ground yourself in any way that feels comfortable to you - meditating, deep breath work, chanting, earthing, drumming etc...Write down anything you feel to release. Spend a while visualising these things leaving you, picture your life without them. Focus on the sensation of lightness.

Now turn to the candle in the South, se the paper alight (safely) - visualise the fire burning them away. Drop the burning paper in the fireproof container and watch it smoke - visualise them floating away from you.

Once the paper has cooled, turn to the North and mix the ash into the salt - visualise the salt neutralising and absorbing any remaining negative energy. Turn to the East and add the salt and ash to the water. Dispose the water somewhere far away from your home or flush it down the drain, then give thanks to the elements for taking it from you. It is a good idea to cleanse with some essential oils such as Melaleuca, Lemongrass, Cypress, Cedar-wood and Wintergreen. This is why I have made my own blend with all these amazing powerful essential oils that I use for every ritual I do, meditation, cacao, cleanse etc... If you would like to get hold of this blend, reach out to me and I can make one for you.

Just one last thing, this Libra full moon rules the skin, kidneys and lower back, remember to stay hydrated to keep your kidneys healthy and cut down on alcohol. Try leg up the wall pose where you lie on your back and scoot your sit bones as close to the wall as you fell comfortable with, extend your legs against the wall, pointed up and try to hold for 10 min or more.

Voila, I would love to hear how this has helped you if you do your full moon ritual. Connect with me on Insta on Facebook or send me an email

Stay safe

Farah x

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