Rawsome Chocolate Ganache Tart

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

Rawsome Chocolate Ganache Tart

So from now on, you will see a lot of my Raw food recipes with some cooked food too. You will also see more of Vegan food that I have been cooking and experimenting with in the last year or so... I must admit, it is a whole new world of Raw Nutrition out there that fascinates me and has my full attention. I have been eating raw for a very long time, maybe about 70% - 80% of the time without realising it but now I am entering an amazing phase of raw food for 90% of the time without depriving myself from anything I like and creating beautiful dense nutrition food at home! So this is not my first raw recipe I already have the "No Bake Vegan Cheesecake" and the chia pudding and many others I am sure you can find on my blog. It is however my best dessert so far! the richness of the raw chocolate and the nuttiness of the base is gorgeous. I am having real difficulty sharing this with my boy haha. I even gave a couple to my neighbours. So here are the ingredients and the clear instructions to make these beauties


200g ( 1½ cups ) activated almonds, pecans or hazelnuts

35g ( 3 tbsp ) coconut sugar10g ( 1 tbsp ) lucuma (optional)

2g ( 1 tsp ) vanilla powder or extract

2g (1 tsp ) cinnamon

25g ( 3 tbsp ) coconut oil or cacao butter, melted

20g ( 2 tbsp ) water


Process all crust ingredients, except water and coconut oil, into a food processor until crumbly, but still with lots of texture.Add coconut oil or cacao butter and water and process just to combine.Line a springform tart tin with cling film and press the crust in, bringing it up the sides, if that is the type of base you desire. Press the crust so it’s rather compacted.Set in the fridge or freezer for 15 minutes.


220g ( 7.7 oz ) cacao paste ( or your favourite chocolate ), melted80g ( ½ cup ) nut/seed butter100g ( ⅓ cup ) maple syrup or honey1 tsp vanilla powder or ½ tsp vanilla extract220g ( scant 1 cup ) warm water


In a blender, combine the first set of ingredients on low-med speed.With the blender running, slowly drizzle in the warm water and watch it emulsify ( because it’s fun to watch )Pour into the crust and set in the fridge ( 4 hours ) or freezer ( 1-2 hours ).​Creative mind:

Customising the ganache:

Change the nut butter you use in the ganache and match it to the crust. Try to go outside your comfort zone here and use a nut or seed that you don’t normally use, but that you enjoy eating. Like sesame / tahini. It goes so well with chocolate, but it’s massively underrated.

Trade out the water for any other liquid, such as fruit juice, fruit puree, alcohol or nut milks. If you’re using alcohol, maybe do 25% and then 75% of another liquid, like water or fruit juice.

Essential oils and spices are an easy and fast way to change things up.


Cinnamon Nutmeg Cloves Cardamom Star Anise Vanilla Allspice Ginger Cumin Cayenne Chipotle Brewed Coffee ( as the liquid in the ganache )

Essential Oils

Peppermint Lavender Rose Lemon Cardamom Orange Star Anise Lemongrass Cumin Black Pepper

Notes on essential oils

You can find essential oils “made for internal use” but I use many Doterra essential oils in food for several years and I’m fine… Only the ones with "Dietary Supplement" label on the bottle.

Enjoy x

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