Do I meet the "C" word Criteria?

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Hello beautiful souls, how are you feeling? overwhelmed, scared, I feel ya!

Without a doubt, this is an unsettling time and everyone feels it in some degree. Whether you are super healthy being and have every tool at your fingertips or vulnerable with underling health issues, this is a shaky time indeed. I was supposed to take my little fam to Centre Park to celebrate my mum's 75th birthday and enjoy a long break together....Poof all cancelled and it was the right thing to do, despite resisting the idea!

Many events + conferences on a global scale have been cancelled in an effort to reduce the community spread and “flatten the curve”. This all being prior to the WHO (The World Health Organisation) announcing this virus as a global pandemic last few days. As you know in the UK we are still carrying as normal until further notice but regardless of what we believe is going on at the moment with this virus, the reality is, it’s going to change the way we carry on for the next few months.

Within minutes, it seemed that toilet paper + hand sanitiser, pasta (stocking up on more junk food than ever before...more on this below) were wiped clear from the shelves and many of our fave doTERRA OnGuard products suddenly out of stock.

On my Instagram story, I posted a DIY hand sanitiser to my oil community after reading through the recommendations from some other sources, recipes must include over 60% rubbing alcohol to be effective. Only to discover that rubbing alcohol is now vanishing off shelves as well and prices went up the roof! Things are evolving quickly, if not within the spread itself, certainly within our access to products + our scheduled plans and our behaviour....Fear moves fast!

It can feel overwhelming! As much I wanted to stay positive and calm, I have felt overwhelmed these last few days with the ripple effect of it all. If you’re feeling afraid, or overwhelmed or stressed right now, you are not alone. An event like this can feel like the rug has been ripped out from underneath you.

Who knows whether the UK will follow the same plans as the rest of Europe, closing all schools etc...but I really feel for families where there is no residual income stream integrated. Kids will be staying home due to school cancellations, and parents will be relying on support around them to continue to work. The ones who can't work from home and rely on being physically present to earn a living. Let's not forget healthcare workers and first responders who need to have extra immune reinforcements in place to stay strong as they will be more needed than ever...Deep breaths.

There are theories and I related to all of them... that all of this is a farce with a political + vaccine agenda backbone to it … “the same people that sell the panic, sell the pill

There are theories that all of this ‘panic’ is ridiculous and that this is nothing to be worried about when compared to the death rates we have with cancer, overdoses and car accidents.

There are theories that this is biowarfare and theories that the spread is being influenced by the recent install of 5G. Who knows...the virus vaccine is already on its way and the US is already paying people to test on. Fear is a powerful energy for sure! This is why we are also seeing many companies preying on fear and marketing their products as a cure.

While fear is much like a virus, we do have an actual virus that is spreading quickly. And each of us have a responsibility to do what we can. So …

How can we strike that balance of being informed + prepared, but not letting it consume us? How do we come back to state of power and calmness and presence while the world is spinning? And what is this whole thing here to teach us?

It is so easy to look around for any faults and start blaming everyone around us...The gift within times like this is the opportunity we have, to be calm and be ready for anything to practice self agency and support homeostasis and to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY!!!

It is so tough for many people to be on the driver seat when it comes to taking control of their OWN health especially if they have given power and surrendered their responsibility to whoever they think can save them! This transition towards self agency and personal health responsibility can be the tough indeed. But little by little, the trust with oneself grows.

Yes it’s true that this virus is something we’ve never dealt with before. And it appears to be spreading by double with each day. It’s looking for the busy, the stressed, the inflamed, the immune compromised, the anxious, the drugged, the toxic loaded, the unprepared and the fear filled.

Do I meet the "C" word criteria?" OR maybe the question should be...

"Can I take ownership, sit on the driver seat and take control of my health"? This moment in time, offers us all a great opportunity to upgrade the way we are taking care of ourselves and our family …to go within and see this change from a different perspective, and flip the coin on its head to realise that there is a lesson for all of us to learn.

Let’s get to some practical ways to prepare, to stay strong and be confident through this time.

1. Go within and breathe. This can be challenging for a lot of us who are always on the go and can't slow down. The multitasking, the yang personalities, the planners etc...Take this time to practice some stillness, it can be as little as 10 min a day before or after bed. Before your practice, smudge the area where you will have time to shut all the noise with either some sage or palo sento, it will cleanse your energy and eliminate all the negative frequencies around you.

Focus on your breathing, this will calm the monkey mind and the chatters and reduce the noises in our heads. The purpose is to balance our energy, install a sense of calmness in the middle of the chaotic mind. I recommend Balance Blend or Arborvitae on the bottom of the feet and behind the ears.

During your stillness; I would also encourage you to have a cup of Ceremonial Cacao to open your heart to receive love and compassion for yourself and find healing from within, visualising the bright pink energy filling up your heart so you can send that back to the rest of the world, in all corners of the planet, increasing high vibrational frequencies as a collective positive energy so fear can dissolve and be replaced with love and healing for all of us. After your practice, take a journal and start writing a gratitude list and be thankful for your existence and your health for this particular moment of your life.

2. Stay home as much as you can. It’s the smartest + most responsible thing you could do for now. Take this time to get closer with the family, read books + play games, listen to calming music. Perhaps you always wanted to have some time to take care of an area in your home, can be more "me time" and quality time with the kids...Kids at home? Here’s a cute essential oil science workbook for them, pick up a bunch of paints + blank canvases to create on, super fun!

3. Boost your Immune System:

  • Take high quality supplements to increase your energy level, your focus and your body natural defences (testimonial here) PB Assist, DDR Prime and Vitamin C

  • Prepare some DIY plant creations for extra protection throughout the day as you do what you need to.

- Hand Sanitiser: in a 50 ml bottle, add 4 tsp rubbing alcohol, 1 TBS of aloe Vera Gel and 20 - 30 drops doTERRA OnGuard. Shake well, spray on hands when you don’t have access to soap + water. Rub hands together for 20 seconds. I take this bottle with me to all my Zumba classes, it is safe, kind on the hands and reliable. It is recommended that at least a 60% volume of alcohol be in the formulation. This DIY has 66%. Alternative: OnGuard Sanitiser. Here doTERRA DIY recipe

- Immune support roller bottle: to a 10ml roller, add 20 drops OnGuard and 10 drops Frankincense and fill remainder with fractionated coconut oil. Roll + Massage into neck + chest morning and night if you’re going to be out or if you feel run down. Alternative: OnGuard Touch

Check out this amazing Green Cleaning ebook, where you will find plenty of ideas on how to use essential oils in your cleaning routines

4. Nutrition: by far the most impactful and within your control. With more than a third of UK shoppers panic-buying in case of a major coronavirus outbreak, I’m afraid people aren’t making the best purchase decisions. To make things worse… So-called ‘doomsday preppers’ are giving all kinds of risky apocalypse-like food advice. But raiding the stores and filling our carts with junk food and drinks can backfire and have a detrimental effect on our biological ability to fight infectious diseases. Canned food, processed food, fizzy drinks, biscuits, crisps, etc...Source: © The Health Sciences Academy ®

The foods we eat have a tremendous impact on our immune system. Imagine suddenly introducing all of the above ‘doomsday’ foods into our diets at once… This could make us sicker – not just from indigestion, but also from a sudden detrimental alteration of our gut health. A diverse, balanced microbial garden is key to our immunity and ability to fight infection. Those of us with high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, low immunity, or already fighting an infection are at a higher risk of COVID-19 mortality.

To mitigate our risk of COVID-19 contagion from a nutritional management perspective, the immediate goal is two-fold:

- to boost our intake of macro- and micro-nutrients that support the immune system to minimise deficiency risk – in particular vitamins C, D and A and minerals like zinc and iron

- to minimise our intake of junk food or foods that are calorie-rich but incredibly low in essential micronutrients. Source: © The Health Sciences Academy ®

The other IMPORTANT nutrition advise is to stock up on freezer fruits + veggies. Freezing vegetables ‘locks in’ precious micronutrients and antioxidants during the storage period, including vitamin C needed for immune protection. There is a misconception that frozen vegetables aren’t nutritious. This is far from the truth. While nutritional management and food availability during this pandemic will become increasingly challenging, the best we can do right now is to focus on prevention and strengthen our natural defences with a nutrient-rich diet – even if that means stocking nutritious items like frozen vegs, seeds, dried beans, and dried herbs. Rather than raiding the canned foods and crisps aisles, let’s shift our attention on how we can eat for a stronger immunity.

Here is a really super creamy and colourful turmeric ginger oats recipe This one is topped with blueberries – an antioxidant-rich and inflammation-busting breakfast addition, and roasted almond, which also looks pretty and tastes great! Also check out this amazing easy Red Lentil Soup

5. Practice Self Care, the act of taking care of oneself, has become a buzz worthy topic, especially on social media. Search for #selfcare, which has over 23 million Instagram posts, and you’ll find inspirational quotes; Sunday checklists with things like “put on a face mask,” “light a candle,” and “binge-watch your favourite show”; meditative yoga poses, and lots of beauty products. One of the many things that make my heart sing is DANCING! in this tough times and if you are spending more time at home, the only thing that can bring some joy and happiness and uplift your mood is to MOVE your BODY to your fave song. No need for choreographed routines, let your body be the artist paining its way with the beat of the music and and let it flow where the energy wants to go...If you are stuck with any ideas and you still want to dance with someone online, check out my YT channel where you'll find some fun routines you can shake what your mama gave you with me :)

6. Have a healthy stock of these essentials should you need to stay in the house for 4-6 weeks. This may seem absurd to you right now, but if the community spread continues to double each day, there will be many stores closing because they won’t have enough employees to work. Of course, we always have the online option, but you will see prices hike up due to supply + demand, just as we’ve seen with a few things already this week. Your question here is: If we had to stay in the house for 2 months, would we be okay? Here’s a list of things to consider: ➕ Water: filtered + sparkling + coconut for electrolytes. If you don’t have a home filter, you might want to purchase GoPure a little cutie I bought a few months ago and is fantastic on the go ➕ Toilet Paper: I had to. OR you can always have extra flushable toilet wipes ➕ Frozen Fruit + Veggies: good time to fill the freezer with frozen fruits and veggies ➕ Nut or seed mylk and cans of full fat coconut milk ➕ Dry pasta + organic mac/cheese ➕ Steel cut oats ➕ Nuts + nut butters ➕ Seed + high fibre crackers ➕ A kit of Batteries, Candles, Flashlights and an extra container of petrol for your car

If there were 7 Essential oils that I would highlight as being smart to have in your home, it would be these. These have been recommended by our top medical team in doTERRA so you can trust our experts.

ps friends - this isn’t the time to mess around with imitation essential oil brands. You need the real deal.

On Guard protective immune support; it comes as straight oil or diluted in a rollerbottle DDR Prime healthy cell creation / apoptosis; it also comes as a softgel which I recommend taking daily Rose touch the queen, very protective; massage daily into chest Copaiba: engages many immune receptors within the endocannabinoid system. Take a drop under your tongue each morning or a softgel daily. Oregano touch powerhouse immune support; massage into feet at night and put socks on Eucalyptus powerhouse respiratory support + lung expansion; massage a drop into chest and pull shirt over nose to form a breathing tent Frankincense the king; add a drop under your tongue at night and add a drop to moisturiser on face + chest; it comes as straight oil or diluted in rollerbottle

There is so much within your control.

Peace within your home and white space in your calendar will turn out to be your most effective strategy. Anytime you’re feeling the overwhelm and fear creep in, take a deep breath and repeat this to yourself several times calmly "every cell in my body is radiant with health" you can even rub a drop of peace blend over your heart and feel it washing down your body.

Before I end this blog, I wanted to let you know about doTERRA March Promo. You can find out all about the Free Product of the Month and the amazing offer that start you off with 50 pv as a gift, that is £50 worth of products for free to say thank you for joining our doTERRA fam. You'll also find out which oil get the 10% off this month and how you can choose the best starter kit to give you the confidence and the knowledge to set you off for a successful healthy journey. It will be my pleasure to be your mentor and help you along the way :)

That's about it beautiful soul...Stay safe and on the driver seat!

with love and blessings

Farah x

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