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What is Sacred Sister Circle?

If you're new to the concept of a circle, think of it as a nurturing sanctuary for your soul—a place where you can gather with like-minded souls in a spirit of sacredness, playfulness, and inner transformation.

Throughout history, beings have come together in circles to strengthen bonds, heal wounds, celebrate life's blessings, and connect with the divine. Within the loving embrace of a circle, we honor the sacred elements, the cycles of the moon, and the unique gifts each person brings.

Sister Circles are purposefully crafted to empower, activate, and celebrate the divine essence within every woman. It's a space where you can find your tribe, embody your unique purpose, and step into your role as a sacred sister, a nurturer, a leader, and a beacon of light.

Join us as we journey together, hand in hand, to discover the depths of our souls and awaken to the magic within. We'll be waiting for you with open hearts and arms wide open.


Since I was in nappies, I've been shaking my hips to the rhythm of the drum. Growing up surrounded by women in sacred circles, guided by wise elders, we danced, surrendered, and healed together. Plant medicine, the heartbeat of the drum, and sharing circles were the sacred tools that helped us lift each other up, honouring both our sorrows and joys.

My intention is to create a safe, sacred, and non-judgmental space where all women are welcomed just as they are, embraced by a sisterhood of support. Join us and let your heart lead you on a journey to create something truly amazing for yourself.


Together we circle in sisterhood, ceremony, and celebration.

What can you expect in a circle?

In Femme Divine Circle, personal healing unfolds beautifully and naturally.  Each woman’s moon circle is different, and has its own unique theme and character to it. Rituals can include movement, music, shamanic drumming, fire ceremonies and Kakao ceremonies and more.

The group of women is usually diverse, and is always welcoming.  Everything shared in the circle is confidential, which allows women to truly open up, share, and be authentic. all women’s stories are welcome — from celebrations to challenges. You can be yourself, speak your truth, and feel confident and comfortable within your body. Because this circle is a sanctuary for women who are craving a safe, authentic space, free of judgement. 

You can also be there to support other women, as they share their hopes and dreams and struggles; and be a part of their healing and transformation, as well as your own.

A Luna Sister Circle not only build a community but also help and promote healing for the women in the circle; which then reaches other women’s wider communities, and create a far-reaching ripple effect that changes the world.  


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