Find the hidden language of your soul 







Thank you for reaching out

Hello beautiful soul, welcome to this conscious space specially

offered to you. If you ended up on here, know it is not a coincidence

and without a doubt, you have been drawn to my energy field for

a reason!   

Your soul is calling for connections, sisterhood and expansion... you are in the right place.  My purpose is to bring women together to dance to music, to the beat of the drums and to open our heart to collectively receive the healing of the plant medicine. There is real magic when we gather goodness collectively and give it out with abundance.  Through the dance, the plant medicine and many other holistic + ancient practices you'll discover, you will be able to activate your inner energy and find the language of our soul to experience freedom and flow.  It is also through the releasing of the heart, mind and body, we awaken the vibrant feminine and masculine energies that already exist within us to reach embodiment and alignment with our higher self.

My deepest inspiration is Mother Nature, as she nourishes and heals me, I always go back to her gifts, to the plant medicine for their wisdom and guidance, I am here to  pass on this learning and knowledge to you to raise awareness and  vibrational frequencies and connection between us beings and Nature's wisdom.

Let's stay connected xox

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It's always hard for people to talk about themselves and summarise their personality in a short paragraph.  I guess that's probably why they refer to the third person in their profile lol.


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