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Like most women, I ADORE chocolate.  I have this vivid childhood memory, running towards the corner shop, as soon as school finished and getting a "butterfly" chocolate bar.  It was actually milk chocolate with puffed rice, with a butterfly image on the wrapper! However, when I got older, I have leaned more and more towards dark chocolate as milk chocolate was way too sweet for me and developed a love for the more bitter taste of the chocolate.   There aren’t many days that go by where I don’t indulge in a square, or two.

Back when I was working my soul-sucking 9–5 (6- till late..) in the corporate industry, one of the three of my desk drawers was filled with my dark chocolate bars.  The first time I heard about cacao was when I started my raw food adventure and led me to explore more on the plant medicine and raw natural gift of the earth. My first thought was that it can’t be too different to the chocolate I know and love, it was so far from me...There is a huge difference between cacao and cocoa!  So let's dive in a little...



The Science stuff...

Cacao beans grow on trees found in Central and South America. It is the raw and naturally fermented, unheated form of chocolate, while cocoa is cacao that has been heated. Processed chocolate is made with roasted cocoa, sugar, milk, and other ingredients that turn it into a solid food and studies have found that by adding dairy this actually blocks the absorption of antioxidants in chocolate. These beans are processed, they become cocoa and chocolate, but the raw and organic beans keep many of the super powers of cacao that are lost through processing.  Here are some interesting facts for you!

  • Cacao packs in more calcium than cow’s milk.

  • It’s densely packed with iron, magnesium and antioxidants.

  • Consuming cacao can help with health issues such as depression, stress, blood pressure and heart health.

  • Cacao is the highest ranking food, as a source of anti-oxidants on the ORAC scale, 40 times the amount of blueberries. Raw Cacao that is used to produce cocoa products contains high levels of flavonoid antioxidants said to be effective in preventing heart disease, strokes and cancer.

  • Cacao is also one of the highest food sources of magnesium, the relaxer mineral. Magnesium fights acid buildup, neutralises toxins, reduces pain, and builds strong bones and teeth. It also contains high amounts of minerals such as iron, chromium, zinc, copper which all contribute towards a balanced healthy system.

  • Cacao has over 300 compounds many of which help to positively alter a persons mood, and specifically contains Serotonin, Dopamine and Anandamide - the Bliss Molecule. Cacao boosts the body’s natural production of serotonin, increasing our mood and ability to fend off stress. It plays a key role in dopamine production that increases our alertness, learning, creativity, satisfaction, attention and concentration levels and Anandamide induces feelings of well being, and states of heightened happiness, while improving memory, motivation, higher thought processes, and movement control.

  • Cacao also contains Phenethylamine (PEA), that we naturally produce in our bodies when we fall in love. This is likely one of the main reasons why love and chocolate have such a deep connection.

Now onto the Spiritual/woo woo stuff...


Cacao is a gentle Plant Medicine which has a very specific purpose, connecting us to Mother Nature by opening our heart to receive feeling of abundance, kindness, love and compassion for ourselves and for others. 

Plant Medicines are the bridge that awakens consciousness because they connect us with our inner world so that we can hear the deeply hidden unconscious messages that are in tune with the rhythm and flow of Nature.  My role as Plant Medicine Practitioner, a Cacaoista, is to provide a safe space for people to ‘awaken’ consciousness.  


As a Cacaoistas, I hold circle spaces for people, mainly women, and assist the Cacao in releasing emotional blockages around the heart and echoes of past experiences, dissolving negative energy, lifting depression, and get people back on track and re-aligned with who they really are.  Working with all Plant Medicines whether it is through Plant based Food lifestyle or using Essential Oils and Cacao, involves deep listening. We must use our inner intuition to have faith in the messages we are receiving from the plants, and learn how to discern between the head and the heart and follow our intuition.

When we do so, we are following our hearts that is often in opposition to our egos, but always for our highest good. It expresses itself as those seemingly random thoughts that pop into the mind telling us to do something that may seem totally irrational or crazy, but when we do them we realise how important they are, or it can be a sign or message that appears synchronistically.  Opening our heart and energy field to all Plant Medicines, including Cacao, involves deep listening. We must trust and listen to our inner voices to have faith in the messages we are receiving from the Plants, and learn how to let go of the controlling ego and open our heart instead. 

Our heart centre works from the perspective of energy. It uses this extra sixth sense that we have forgotten. When we use this sixth sense we transcend our linear understanding of time, and work with the energies that combine the past, present and future. When we set intention and accept that the intention will be fulfilled, we are working on the heart level and not on our limited rational mind.

When we take anything with intention it becomes a ceremony. The clearer the intention, the easier it is for the Plant Medicine to work effectively. Whatever intention you are setting make sure it is applicable for you, what you need in order to become more of who you are and not generalised. This enables the Cacao to work as a medicine.

I would love for everyone reading this to try this experience and trust yourself in the journey this will take you.   I invite you to experience the magic of Cacao at my future Cacao Ceremonies. 

And now you can order your own Cacao from me!  I have the honour to be one of the suppliers of TSATSAYAKU CACAO of the Ecuadorian Amazon.  


  • Every bag of the wild-harvested, organic, non-GMO Tsatsayaku Cacao is lovingly hand-packaged in 200g & 500g fully recyclable bags.

  • Tsatsayaku Cacao is from the Fino de Aroma Bean

  • A 500g bag can last about one month depending on usage.

  • I suggest 20-25gms Cacao a day to keep the Doctor away.

  • This Cacao is usually used as a warm, nourishing cacao drink to uplift your spirits and calm your heart, but it’s also great in smoothies, can be used to make cacao treats, and can even be added it to sauces, stews and casseroles, to zing up your savoury dishes.

  • When you have your ceremonies with me and get your Cacao, you are not only receiving her healing in a bag of pure goodness and love, you are also directly supporting the Tsatsayaku Association/Tribe and helping them to maintain and sustain their traditional ways of life.  


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          1kg - £70

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