Essential Oils

A Gift of the Earth!

We live in a time where we have access to tons of information on what is good and not so good for our health, we have access to so many different choices and practices to the point where it gets confusing, overwhelming and discouraging.  What if I said to you that you body knows BEST and it can heal itself when it receives what supports it. It is also helpful to know that Mother Nature has gifted us with the very same thing that heals it...Essential Oils!

These oils will be the start of a beautiful relationship with your mind, body and soul, they will speak the same language as the earth and if you are willing to listen, put yourself first and look after you, you'll be able to feel the energy vibrating at higher frequency!

I’m excited to introduce you to doTERRA essential oils and how they are the key tool we use in our home to live a beautiful + natural life!

Ten years ago, when pregnant with my second boy, I used random brands of essential oils before trying doTERRA …
When I tried lavender from doTERRA, I couldn't believe that there was such a difference in quality. As I began researching all the different essential oil companies, there were several things that attracted me to doTERRA that I’ll share with you here. 

I was drawn to their vision of upgrading our healthcare system + empowering every home to have the tools to live a natural health lifestyle. The way we live, the choices we make, the products we use, the food we eat, the company we keep etc ...

it’s an expression of our core beliefs

You’ll be amazed at how the quality of doTERRA oils support your body in healing + solve every day problems that pop up.
Here’s a list of 150 things you will do with the Top 10 Oils

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