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If you've already had your free consultation with me and are ready to open a wholesale account with 25% discount on all doTERRA products, then go ahead and click on the "purchasing Info tab"  follow the simple steps to setup your doTERRA account.  If you are visual like me, you might want to watch the video on how to open your wholesale account, so you are well supported.

Okay so first, I want to acknowledge a few barriers you may have coming into this conversation about doTERRA.

1. You may be doubtful that these oils will work for you.
2. You may be questioning whether there is any difference between doTERRA oils and the others.

3. You’re aware that doTERRA is sold through the network marketing model …

...doesn’t that make it a pyramid scheme?

If you need to know more, then keep reading :) 

You may not have all of these concerns but I’m opening up with these topics because I did have all of the above and the fear of jumping into the world of plant medicine and building my business with doTERRA held me back for a long time so I want to bring you peace of mind and confidence in choosing this brand as a customer and as a business builder.

So let’s say you’ve tried essential oils before … perhaps you tried lavender for sleep or peppermint for tummy ache and it didn’t help at all.
What if what you tried in the past wasn’t essential oil at all?
What if what the shops are selling, are simply bottles that were created to smell like peppermint or lavender without any of the plant power in it? EVEN saying 100% PURE OIL!
How would you actually know? And could your results be different if you were actually using pure plant?

doTERRA is not only the largest + most trusted brand in the world …

They are also the most transparent regarding the amount of quality testing on each oil (54 different tests) and the lengths they go to to source all over the world where the plants thrive in their natural conditions. This is what puts doTERRA in a completely different category than what you’ll find on store shelves.

You can hop over to their quality + sourcing portal called Source to You and scan your bottle to see the most recent quality testing report and read about the sourcing of the oil. Note - that website keeps all the other essential oil brands up at night because it invites them to the table to be more transparent with what’s in their bottles.
There is nobody regulating this so you have to do your research!

But here’s what’s unique in doTERRA…

Almost 90% of the 8 million+ people purchasing doTERRA … are customers. Not people doing the business. 
So that completely changes the dynamic. There are many other companies out there that have given this business model a bad reputation because they are so heavily focused on recruiting + making money. You will notice in these companies there’s a very basic product that doesn’t really change lives and they work it into a money making agenda.


That is not the case in doTERRA. 

Community + culture are everything here and you will come to experience that once your first kit of oils arrive.

I’ve been sharing + educating about doTERRA for over 4 years. We have a global community of customers from around the world as well as business "builders" (building a doTERRA biz) and I care hard about creating an experience for you that you could not buy on a retail shelf.
I encourage everyone to start as customers, and to not rush into the decision to build a doTERRA business. 

I came into doTERRA because I was not only curious about the high quality products but also the business opportunity as I heard so much about it.  I learnt so much about the business but I didn't give myself time to communicate with the oils properly and heal myself form emotional issues I carried.  I had to take a step back and go back to basics where I became the real product of the product and connect with the pure plant medicine and its healing power.  That's where the real knowledge starts before anything.  


To put it more clearly … I don’t want people joining this movement that are focused on making money ahead of taking care of their own healing + taking care of each other.

It’s not what I lead with though. Because I have a deep respect for the process + the importance of leading yourself before you lead another.
I hope this context helps clear up any perceptions you may have had about this movement.  If you are not customer yet and interested in building a doTERRA business, reach out to me :) 

We live in a time where we have access to tons of information on what is good and not so good for our health, we have access to so many different choices and practices to the point where it gets confusing, overwhelming and discouraging.  What if I said to you that you body knows BEST and it can heal itself when it receives what supports it. It is also helpful to know that Mother Nature has gifted us with the very same thing that heals it...Essential Oils!

These oils will be the start of a beautiful relationship with your mind, body and soul, they will speak the same language as the earth and if you are willing to listen, put yourself first and look after you, you'll be able to feel the energy vibrating at higher frequency!

What do you want greater support with?
These oils will help you 
sleep deeper, decrease pain, improve digestion strengthen your immune system, have glowing skin

Would you like to experience a Sample customised to your health priority?

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Ten years ago, when pregnant with my second boy, I used random brands of essential oils before trying doTERRA …
When I tried lavender from doTERRA, I couldn't believe that there was such a difference in quality. As I began researching all the different essential oil companies, there were several things that attracted me to doTERRA that I’ll share with you here. 

I was drawn to their vision of upgrading our healthcare system + empowering every home to have the tools to live a natural health lifestyle. The way we live, the choices we make, the products we use, the food we eat, the company we keep etc ...


it’s an expression of our core beliefs

I’m excited to introduce you to doTERRA and how it is one of the key tools we use in our home to live a beautiful + natural life!

You’ll be amazed at how the quality of doTERRA oils support your body in healing + solve every day problems that pop up.

When you purchase your doTERRA oils with me, as you mentor, you will be guided, supported and full education will be provided for you to help you feel confident and safe when using your essential oils. 

doTERRA is sold online at full price, but anyone can open up their own account for wholesale pricing which is what I want show you how to do here.​  This is the same pricing that I have access to!

As a wholesale customer, you will have be able to shop online whenever you want at 25% off!


Here are some supporting videos to give you some guidance on your journey.

Here’s a list of 150 things you will do with the Top 10 Oils



doTERRA is the largest essential oil + wellness company in the world with over 8 million customers.

here’s why:

The co-impact sourcing model:

  • The the way that doTERRA sources is actually the most expensive way to do it … but it’s the right way. They source globally where the plants are meant to grow and not only that, they work WITH the farmers there to create a better economy. There is a dark shadow in the essential oil industry where most brands are using middle men to rob the global farmers of their potential. doTERRA’s model creates global abundance. You’ll want to read look around on Source to You (This website causes a disturbance for other essential oil companies because it demands a level of transparency they are not currently willing to provide)

Their purity standard:

  • There is no governing body overseeing the essential oil industry. So that means there is no reason for a brand to be honest about what is in that bottle of 100% pure frankincense they’re selling for £1. This is why doTERRA created the Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade stamp of quality (CPTG) so that you know doTERRA stands for having the highest quality, highest purity and most sustainably sourced essential oil in the world.

The leadership + culture:

  • The integrity within the culture of doTERRA begins with the 7 owners that make up the executive team and then it circulates throughout the highest levels of leadership ranks within doTERRA. You’ll notice a theme of alignment, conscious leadership + integrity here.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be a Wholesale Customer?

To become a Wholesale Customer, you can open an account by either purchasing a starter kit, which has the wholesale account fee bundled in. Or by purchasing the Intro booklet, which is just the wholesale access pass. This will give you a full year access to purchase doTERRA product at 25% off whenever you want to shop. An important thing to mention, there is no business opportunity attached to this...90% of our 8 millions plus people in doTERRA are Wholesale Customers.

Will I have to purchase monthly?

No! You can purchase whenever you want for your personal doTERRA online shop at 25% off price. The only reason you might want to purchase monthly is when you decide to join the optional monthly Loyalty Reward Program (LRP) where you would benefit from free products + free shipping each month.

Aren't Essential Oils just for pretty smell?

The ones you get from the shops, health shops even are just for that (if that) - with doTERRA oils, you are puchasing the distillation of purest aromatic compounds in plants, you are getting your hands on the most inspected and highest quality essential oils you can trust and even use for your own children. There are many oils out there but you'll experience the best plant power when you start with me.

There are lots of duplicates of doTERRA out there, who do you trust?

I completely sympathise and agree with you...there are many claims out there. Here's the truth - doTERRA has put quality of essential oils on the map! It is one of the very few brand that is changing the world positively when it comes to sourcing the oils, working closely with the local farmers and harversters, paying fair wages and on time with integrity. I would encourage you to watch this video.

How do I become a Wellness Advocate and build a doTERRA business?

I encourage you to start as a Wholesale Customer even if you want to build a business with doTERRA. I started with the aim of building a business first and for few year, I needed to get back to the very basics which is to connect with the essential oils at a deeper level and let them guide me with trust and patience. Then and only then I could share doTERRA with a bigger respect and understanding for the business...It is important to familiar yourself with the oild for around 3 months, then you can upgrade to become a Wellness Advocate for free.

How will I know how to use the oils?

This is what excites me the most is to share with you...through the purchase of your kit, you'll get access to an amazing essential oils community, doTERRA experts, tons of support from myself and my team, you cannot put a value to it as it is certainly not available on the retail shelf.

I heard that doTERRA is a pyramid scheme, is this true?

Pyramid schemes are illegal but I totally understand the skeptical opinions because this word gets thrown around a lot. doTERRA has chosen the route of network marketing model, which means that instead of the company investing tons of marketing budget on billboards and ads, magazines and radio commercials, they invest in people! People like me, genuinely caring for their health and their loved ones and want to help others empower themselves and take control of theirs to better their lifestyle. So when you buy your oils through me, you are not buying them from a shelf. You are dealing with a real person, who is trained and will sit with you/or virtually support you step by step until you find your confidence in incorporating the oils into your daily routines.

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