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Healthy Habits Program

a 21 day Ritual Reset

Self Care

Specific routines to dial up your self care and a library of videos from our wellness advocates on their ‘day in the life’ routines!


Videos, resources and a specific sequence to follow to develop a good sleep hygiene

This 21 day lifestyle renovation will guide you through:

✔️ Anchoring the lifestyle that creates glowing heath
✔️ Doing a ritual reset and integrating habits that are from your higher self
✔️ Releasing weight + habits that are no longer serving you
✔️ Turning the taps on for optimal heath to flow!

Through the purchase of the
doTERRA Healthy Habits Kit, you’ll receive

instant + lifetime access

to the program

You can plug into the content at any time and then plan to
join us for the guided version every September!

The path to optimal health is not as complicated as it seems, and we are going to help you
trust your body in doing what it knows to do. 

If you want to skip right to the part where I show you how to join us, click the button below.




Otherwise - keep scrolling to learn more about the program!

Wellness is the result of our
lifestyle + daily routine …

...and our optimal health is naturally achieved through incremental daily habits.

The Healthy Habits collection is a foundational kit for anyone that is interested in anchoring the daily routine that turns on all body systems to flow as they are designed to do!

🎥 Watch to learn some of the experiences + testimonials people in our Doterra  community have had with the products in this kit!

So … when this collection launched in the UK, we knew it was time to offer it as a program to you as part of our oil community, that takes this experience to a whole new level!

and we are happy to bring this to you!!!

This is going to be the way to build the foundation of health.
And you’re going to be feeling amazing + glowing from the inside out!

We are offering this new program FREE to guide you through a 21 day ritual reset!
Running from 9th June - 30th June, all you need to do to participate, is purchase your Healthy Habits Kit!.
Connect with the person that sent you here, or if that is me -

click here to setup your wholesale account then

add the dōTERRA Essentials Booklet + the Daily Habits Kit


We have a private Facebook Group where the program + challenges will take place to guide you in anchoring this beautiful lifestyle!
And we have sweet prizes to give you!


Here is what's included in this collection!








✔️ Lifelong Vitality Pack: the foundational supplement program that is doTERRA’s #1 product! It’s packed with bio-available food nutrients, omegas, antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins + minerals delivered in a balanced + absorbable way (aka no neon urine).


📽 Check out some of the testimonials in this video —>

✔️ Terrazyme: this powerful blend of 10 active whole food enzymes helps your food digest, absorb + eliminate properly. Have you watched the Terrazyme oatmeal experiment yet?


✔️ Deep Blue Rub: Want to experience a spa massage whenever you feel like it? Work this baby into your traps or any sore areas and voila! It’s like magic - you won't know what you did without it.

Here a great video on Deep Blue 


✔️ PB Assist Probiotic: Want to get your guts + skin working together better? Seal up the gut, plant the right soil and everything starts working better! This probiotic is unique as a double layer capsule of pre-biotic fibre + 6 strains of probiotics to deliver 6 billion CFUs.

✔️ 5ml Balance Blend: dab onto pulse points + breathe in to feel instant relaxation

✔️ 5ml Lemon: the cleansing powerhouse! Add to drinking water, make cleaners, remove stains, purify the air

✔️ 5ml Frankincense: promote healthy cell growth internally + glowing skin by making a skin oil

✔️ 5ml Lavender: The calming queen! Use for all things skin topically and aromatically to sleep better + relax

✔️ 5ml On Guard: The immune system supporter: diffuse to clean the air, use it to clean with and take internally


All of the 5ml bottles have approx 85 drops each.

























We have created a value-packed program to guide you in your nutrition, exercise, deeper sleep, emotional health + self care!

Our brilliant team of educators have curated videos, recipes, day in the life templates,
resources, workouts and tracking sheets for you...⠀






















































Whether you join us for the:

➕ glowing skin
➕ deeper sleep
➕ consistent energy
➕ improved digestion
➕ stronger immunity
➕ less anxious feelings

⠀⠀Or perhaps an overall feeling of ‘I’ve got this?’
This is your time … and we're gonna do this together!


You can do this program at any time! Either you can join us for September or do it as a stand alone program

because we have the program and the 21 days of foundation building habits laid out for you in an
organised way in our private Facebook Group.

This program is available to you for FREE as a valued existing or new customer in our oil community!


ready to join us?

Scroll down👇 to find the 3 simple steps to do the 21 day Healthy Habits Program with us!



You’ll need to have all of the products in the Healthy

Habits Collection to participate. If you're not yet a

customer on our team.

👉 Click Here

👉 My ID should already be filled for you but

 if it isn't, enter 2424894 and Farah Miri appears!

👉 On the kit screen, add just the wholesale

membership to your cart (£24 also called the welcome pack/enrolment fee). Then search for the healthy habits kit and add that to your cart, which will be at the wholesale price! You can add anything else to your cart at if you wish (I’ve made some suggestions further down)


click here for order details


Already a customer on our team?

You can log in to add this collection to either a one time order or as part of your

 LRP (learn more about the LOYALTY REWARD PROGRAM)


This is where all the action will take place throughout the program!

In the UNITS section of that group, you will find your program eBook, videos, clean eating recipes, shopping lists + more!

📌 There will be 3 questions you will need to answer to be granted access to the group.


Every September, this program will run for you as a guided version with prizes as follows:

👉 Sept 1st Oct - 31st Oct: Order your healthy habits kit + any additional items you want from the list below

👉 Sept 1st Nov @ 2pm: Join Farah for a kick off in our healthy habits group  (it will stay as a recording in the group if you can't attend live)

👉 Nov 4th - 25th - We reset our rituals together!

other items to consider:

We've designed this program to help you anchor a

routine that will create the next level of health

for you, using the products in the Healthy Habits Kit.

So that is all you need to order if you'd like access to

this program.

However, throughout the program we also make

recommendations of other powerful products + oils

to have

to support the various areas of your lifestyle such as

deeper sleep, more natural self care + stress


... the full lifestyle renovation 📦

We are so grateful to be in this community together and part of a movement

that is positively impacting the world! 

And we know that this program will be the first chapter of a
beautiful healthy journey you experience this year! 

Farah xox

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