What is a Cacao Ceremony?


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A Cacao Ceremony is a wonderful opportunity to take some time to reconnect with yourself, shut your busy mind and be in the present moment.  You'll be guided to open your heart and get clarity on answers you may be seeking. The combination of drinking Cacao and experiencing Breath, Sound, Movement and Meditation is an explosive, heart-opening mix, raising the vibrational frequency within all the cells of your body and opening the doors to dimensions of intuitive knowing, connection to self and others and a sense of release and peace.


Bring your intention and see what opens for you, explore letting go of the mind and moving into realms of higher consciousness. Cacao enhances your ability to go a bit deeper as you connect into your heart, root and crown chakras. You set the intention and then let the plant medicine assist in guiding you where you want to go and lean within to hear your inner voice and trust your intuition.

What to expect?

Gathering in circle we will sit and lay down in ceremony as a community which creates a supportive sacred space for all as we do in our individual work while supporting those in the room with us and in our heart. 

A Cacao Ceremony is a beautiful opportunity to take a shamanic journey to meet the Spirit of Cacao. A time for stillness and inner peace, away from the outside world.  On meeting with Cacao’s Spirit, she will help you to reconnect with your true self and your own inner knowing. She will help you find clarity and the answers you seek and give you guidance for the next steps you need to take.

Cacao is a powerful Plant Medicine that also helps us to release emotional blockages that no longer serve us, find forgiveness in ourselves and others, and shows us the way forward if we are stuck or afraid of making the necessary life changes in order to move on. It enables us to access stuck emotions, conditionings, patterns of behaviour and addictions that are buried deep in the unconscious and release them in safe and nurturing environment.

We will drink the cacao ceremonially together in a ritual, I will then guide you on a shamanic journey to meet the Cacao Spirit, to discover more about yourself, open your heart, and find peace and clarity.  Cacao is not psycho-active and doesn’t take you out of your body. Everyone will experience Cacao differently, it all depends on an individual's extra sensory perception and how the plant medicine works with you.  


How to prepare and make the most of the Cacao Ceremony?

Cacao is a powerful, yet also a very gentle plant medicine, there are not many things you can’t do
leading up to a ceremony. However, the following would make for the best experience.
     Only have a light breakfast the morning of the ceremony and avoid eating for 3 hours
     Try to avoid caffeine or any other stimulants on the day, but please refrain for at least 3
hours prior to the ceremony start time – cacao also acts as a stimulant.

    Give serious thought as to what you want to gain from the ceremony – what is your intention?  I will ask you to share it with me so I can prepare your bespoke essential oil that will support you during your journey. 

     Leave plenty of time to get to the Ceremony so that you are not rushed or stressed when you
arrive.  We start promptly on time by locking in our group energy before open the Ceremony, so late arrival is not allowed in so please bear this in mind (more details below)
    You must let me know if you are on any medication especially, anti-depressants and any health issues I should be aware of.  Cacao medicine is NOT a hot chocolate drink, it is very bitter ( you can add some maples syrup if you prefer) and you don't have to drink the whole cup too, you'll know when to stop, your body will tell you as soon as the bitterness gets too much.

What to bring with you?

CACAO!  You can purchase yours here 

     An open mind 
     Your imagination
     Your intention for the Ceremony – (see below for more info)
     A yoga mat or something comfortable to lie on, a pillow and something really warm to wrap
yourself up in e.g. sleeping bag, duvet or thick blanket – you’ll be lying on the floor for up
to an hour and a half so it’s really important you are warm and comfortable*

     If you like it dark bring a blindfold 

     Extra socks or slippers to keep your feet warm
     Your own special mug to drink cacao out of
     I also suggest bringing a journal and a pen for recording your experience
     Water bottle
     Some cash if you want to buy some Ceremonial Grade Cacao after the Ceremony or essential oils blends I make myself with the highest and purest grade.


* If you don’t have a yoga mat or something suitable to lie on please let me know in advance. 

What to wear?

Wear something that you feel comfortable in - you will be lying down for approx 1½hrs – so the most important thing is comfort! 


How to set your intention?


Setting your Intention is a vital part of the ceremony but for those who are not used to setting intentions it can seem daunting, even though once you know what it means it is really quite simple. To help you if you are stuck, have a think about any part/s of your life that are
perhaps not going as smoothly as you would like or that are causing you anxiety or stress. Maybe a
decision you need to make but are putting off as you don’t feel you have clarity around what to
do. Then take the situation and transform it into an intention for the ceremony, for example .. 
your intention could be …. “I would like clarity about how best to handle (whatever your situation
is) and how I can move forward for my highest good”.  However, if you are struggling still just drop me a text or an e mail and we can have a brief chat about what you would like your intention/s to be. You can bring more than one intention, but don’t bring too many or you may find yourself getting confused if you have too many things going round in your mind at once and find it harder to get clarity about one specific issue.  I also would like to know your intention because I love helping you with your journey and your experience with Cacao and so I prepare a bespoke essential oil bottle unique to your intention and that will amplify the energy and prepare you for the most beautiful time with Cacao.

Please note this is IMPORTANT

If you are late you will not be permitted to come in, as it will disrupt the rest of the group and you will have missed an integral part of the ceremony – please be on time if you find yourself running late please call me 07860-476602

After the ceremony

To make the most of the work you have done during the Ceremony try to give yourself time for self-care and integration after the Ceremony; including nourishing and grounding activities, for example:
     Drink Plenty of water – cacao can be dehydrating
     Eating a hearty meal soon after the Ceremony, you will probably be very hungry!
     Taking a shower or bath to clear your energy
     Time to move your body (ideally in nature) in the evening or the following day e.g. walking,
swimming, yoga
     Time to reflect, integrate and plan actions from your experience. Journaling may be
helpful, meditation

    Use a cleansing essential oil such as Melaleuca, Cypress, Lemon...I also have a special blend which will be on available to purchase.

How to prepare your personal cacao at home?

Cacao is the only Master Plant Medicine that you can take on a regular basis.  However, 40 gram of ceremonial dose is very heavy on the adrenals and therefore should only be done in ceremony.  If you take antidepressants, you should only take half a dose.

So you can use daily in smaller dose per day as a substitute to coffee by making a hot chocolate drink using 20-25 grams of the cacao depending on your needs.  It can be made with hot water or plant milk, you can also add chilli powder, nutmeg, cinnamon., cloves, sweetener of your choice.

You can also sprinkle some shopped cacao on your cereals or in your smoothie.


Here how to make it for one person:

bring one cup of spring water to almost boiling point, turn the heat right down

add 4 and half TBSP of shopped cacao 

stir until it thickens, turn off the heat.  Add your spices and sweetener if desired 

Simple version:

In a blender, pour 1 cup of hot water (careful with blending hot water)

add 4 TBSP of shopped cacao and blend.  Add whatever you desire.

Enjoy x

Here what my beautiful souls think of my Cacao Ceremonies :) If you want to know anything I haven't covered on here please reach out t me x


Sam Digby-Baker

With an open, positive mind and somewhat unsure intentions in words but strong in feelings, I found Farah’s Cacao ceremony to be an insightful, uplifting and powerful experience, conducted in a safe and warm environment with other beautiful Souls and finished with Farah’s delicious and healthy food. Thank you Farah x 

It’s an experience I would love to repeat in the future xxx 


Karen Haines

I found the ceremony very spiritual, enlightening, reflective, relaxing & liberating. It was useful and a perhaps a little indulgent (in a good way!) to take some personal time out to meditate and consider my needs and what I hoped to achieve from this experience. I couldn't have wished for a nicer group of very supportive and intimate group of beautiful ladies to share this experience with.
The dominant force that came through for me was 'cleansing' and I have come away with a very positive outlook, which I'm very hopeful will equip me with a strong & determined mindset to carry through the journey of my intention.
The ceremony finished with a wonderful vegan meal prepared by Farah, I highly recommend it! xx


Eve Austin

My first cacao ceremony and what an amazing afternoon. Farah talked us through all the things we might experience and gave us an over view of how cacao has enriched her life. After drinking our cacao we spent an hour of deep relaxing meditation. I experienced a great feeling of calm and warmth and took an amazing journey. We then performed a cleansing ritual. Farah completed our journey with amazing vegan meal. I came away feeling invigorated with a positive mind and body. I can highly recommend this experience thank you Farah xx


Heather Glenister

I heard about Farah’s Cacaosistas ceremony and it seemed a fascinating event, I went to be open and learn, not exactly sure of what would happen but not a concern, as it was friendly, relaxing and calm.  The Ceremony cleared your thoughts and mind to understand yourself and the way forward making decisions easier.  Looking forward to next ceremony .


Laura Fulton

"Wow! Wow! Wow!  

Farah welcomed us into her home to experience the Cacao ceremony and meditation.  The room was beautifully set up to provide a warm, calming and secure space.  The focus of the room was a thoughtfully arranged mandala made with candles, flower petals and crystals.


The circle was intimate and friendly with lots of energy in the room.  I had no expectations about what "should" happen during the meditation and went with the flow.  I lay on a blanket and Farah took us through a guided meditation, I felt incredibly relaxed during and after the meditation and, as someone who finds meditation difficult and sometimes boring, I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed the time and had a "vision" which had a lot of meaning for me.   I sincerely recommend experiencing a cacao mediation with Farah.  It was both relaxing and invigorating and I will be back for more, not just for the food, but to gain greater insight into my spiritual journey.

Thank you Farah."


Upcoming events

Cacao Ceremonies are back online, booking essential 

I am pleased to inform you that Cacao Ceremonies are back and I am ever so grateful to hold small and safe gathering of max 4 people.  If you are interested in booking with friends or join the mini group, you're welcome to send your interest via the link below.

I also hold 1:1 Cacao Ceremony, this is for a deep journeying and special individual healing.

Don't forget your Cacao

Love Farah x