July 20 - 22 + July 27 - 29

Buy a 15 ml Bergamot, get a 15 ml Clementine FREE!
Buy a 15 ml Clary Sage, get a 5 ml Laurel Leaf FREE!
Buy a 5 ml Console™, get a 10 ml Cheer™ Touch & 10 ml Forgive™ Touch FREE!

Join us on 27-29 July, for 3 days of incredible BOGOs!

BOGOs are grouped into one 72-hour promotional period. In this period, there will be three BOGO offers. Each day, you will be able to purchase all three offers during this time. Enjoy the amazing BOGO offers, help to reduce packaging waste, and save on shipping costs.

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buy free

buy free

buy  free

ordering steps - new customers

Simple Account Setup:

You can setup your wholesale account today to purchase the BOGO at the wholesale price (25% off).

You can do this by either choosing a starter kit or selecting just the wholesale membership (£20) from the kit screen on the website

Note - all starter kits have the oils/products bundled at a lower price & waive the wholesale membership fee

To open up your account by adding just the wholesale membership to your cart:

Click here

  Or to open up your account by selecting a starter kit, click here to choose your kit with details


Below is the Best Value kit I recommend 

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Then you simply add the BOGO oil to your cart and anything else you want and voila -  you're all set!

If there are other BOGO deals throughout the week you want to purchase, you’ll just login to your doTERRA store and order at 25% off. You’ll also have a full year of wholesale pricing access whenever you want to login and shop!

💌 As soon as you’ve completed the steps above, I’ll send you a welcome email with access to our my Doterra family content.

One of the freebies you receive when you enrol, is the Doterra Beginner's Guide to Essential Oil, a fully comprehensive ebook which will set you off for a great start on your essential oils journey.

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If you’re a current customer:

Order this through the loyalty rewards (LRP) cart to receive full shipping back in free product!


Ordering the BOGO:

👉 To place a standard order: Simply log in to using your id # and password. Click 'shop', and then add the BOGO oil to your cart. For example, for the day 1 BOGO, add Serenity Softgels to your cart and the FREE Cedarwood will automatically show as free in your cart.

You can add up to 5 x Serenity Sofgels for 5 Free Cedarwood 15 ml bottle...WOWZA!!

👉 To order it through your LRP and earn reward points/shipping back:
Keep your LRP order in place that you have setup for next month. Click the ‘create additional LRP' button to create a second LRP template just for BOGO. Add the BOGO and process it.


You can keep using this template throughout the week if you want to purchase other days' BOGOS. If your rewards cart order is at least 50pv, you will also earn at least 10% back in free product points!

 Once the week is done, delete this 'BOGO template' and keep your original monthly template in place. 

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👉 150 uses of essential oils (super comprehensive guide)

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Can’t wait to welcome you to this journey of growing + glowing together!

Farah xx