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I’m excited to share some info with you here about the doTERRA Business Model + Opportunity

As you may know, I have been using essential oils for my own health and have been teaching ways to take epic care of your body, mind + spirit so you are connected, grounded and living a vibrant life.

I'm also an advocate for looking at different sources of income and not rely only one stream as I believe in freedom you have within your finances.
If you are looking at options for creating a more stable future for yourself and your family, and you are passionated about leading a healthy life …

you’re in the right place.

This opportunity is for you if you are interested and willing to take 100% ownership of your time, health, success + impact.
And to do that through partnering within one of the largest natural health movements in the world ✨

I bought my first kit of doTERRA oils in October 2014
Knowing that there is a great business opportunity I very quickly dove in to learning, applying and sharing along the way. I taught my first essential oil class about 4 months later and invited all my friends to attend.

The week end following my first class, I went to doTERRA convention where my mind was blown away!  I met amazing leaders who have started exactly where I was and inspired me to grow my business and impact many lives along the way.

Why doterra, why now?

Perhaps the draw most obvious right now is that people are asking questions they’ve haven’t had to ask before.
Questions about how they can be more prepared + secure financially the next time our world shifts in the way it is right now.

Also, more than ever before, people are seeking a higher level of health, more time freedom and the opportunity to impact our world positively.
doTERRA is a debt free, multi billion dollar wellness company that is privately owned (this is rare) and is not only the largest + more pure essential oil company in the world,
but also the biggest direct selling company in the US.

The doTERRA collective is over 8 million people around the world, about 80% of which are customers.
When you start - this is the best way to begin: as a customer: Navigating your own self care, education + empowerment.

The doTERRA movement is positively changing the world, one drop at a time and on both sides of the bottle
Note: you may find it interesting to learn that being the largest essential oil company in the world, doTERRA is also the most transparent. Check out Source to You.

Why is doterra sold through Direct Selling?

Have you ever wondered why doTERRA is sold through the marketing model that it is?  The model is also called, Network Marketing or Multi Level Marketing Company...they mean the same thing.

It's a barrier at first for people because there are a lot of people we can all think of that have given the network marketing model an icky reputation.

Initially, I was put off too because..

What was missing for me in the past when I was bombarded by Independent Reps, was that I didn’t have a strong belief in what the product could solve for people but also THEY didn't have enough experience, knowledge and belief in their own products.  

This is so key because this what creates a lasting business model that works through people. The product has to change lives - it can’t be hype.
If it’s hype, you’re simply looking at a company that has given direct selling a bad reputation.

There are 3 things that set companies apart:

The Product: Is it natural? Is it needed? Does it actually solve a problem? Do you use + love it? 
The People: Who rund the company, what does the leadership look like + the integrity of the founders? 
The Pay: Is this a business that will truly create financial freedom for you and those you work with?


What is simply happening through direct selling, is a company is diverting its marketing budget away from commercials, TV, billboards etc … to you.

And if a product is stellar - it needs to move through people, sitting knee cap to knee cap, or the reach of that product is limited

Screenshot 2020-10-03 at 11.31.38.png

We Are


The truth is…

Most people don’t understand this business model because they’ve grown up thinking business is linear and that you’re supposed to work in a 9-5 for 40 years of your life.  I was one of them!

I started my career from scratch when I came to the UK 25 years ago.  Not a word of English, with no equivalent English qualifications and no business mindset, I had to start from the VERY, very bottom.  I left my identity behind me, all what I learnt and made me who I was. 


Despite a new (very tough beginning)...

I went back to working 9-5 jobs for the other 20 years that followed.  Why?  because I didn't know I could be my own boss! or maybe didn't have the confidence, the belief that I can be independent from the 9-5 job + the reputation of Network Marketing Industry was really off putting!

People with bigger money issues will label this industry as a pyramid scheme or as a predatory business model. They don’t want to understand it because it would involve needing to let go of stories (like I had) they have a white knuckle grip on. People with this belief don't live with abundance, they have very negative energy and they will look + create every problem to any situation.

There was only 1 business model that doTERRA could have empowered so many lives through …
the model of person to person, knee cap to knee cap, one drop at a time.
Be cautious of allowing someone else to hold you back, if they aren't living the life you are about to create


I felt the pull to create a business of my own with a reputable company which has all the support and the guidance available for anyone whether you are already a successful business owner or starting completely from scratch with no experience.

I don't usually talk about the business side of my doTERRA work often, because the truth is, I want you to start as a customer first.

It took me a while to get the grip with the business simply because I needed to take more time to learn about the products and not rush into growing a team of business partners.  So I went back to basics (and you do you have to do this quite often, it is healthy to do so in any business) as I believed this is going to give my business the strongest foundation because from that place it will build organically as I learn, apply + heal.

So I recommend and ONLY after you've done the self work + healing with the oils, if you feel the pull to lead in this movement too … you'll know when the right time is.
It will be right around the time you help someone close to you work on their healing too.

This business model is the most brilliant in the world because it: Places you in a position of authority over your own life.
It removes all limitations on you … Your success is entirely up to you.

Money is an exchange of energy

I believe that money is simply an exchange of energy and that you should be abundantly compensated for the impact you have on others lives.
I use these plant medicine + essential oils to thrive in a very healthy life and I help others learn how to incorporate them in their lives.

I want for you to get access to what I use, have complete self control + a life you love. ❤

This is what makes doTERRA so appealing.  It delivers!

In our doTERRA world, there are 3 ways to earn money:

Static/Earned Income: exchanging your time for money. Do it once, earn once
Passive/Residual Income: network marketing, eBooks, online programs,  evergreen products etc. Do it once, earn multiple times. This income doesn't stop when you do.
Investment Income: having a portfolio where your money is invested in stocks, bonds, funds etc.

Do you want to learn more about the power of residual income?

ItIt’s important to become financially independent, especially if you are a woman and it’s also important to have multiple streams of income.
This is why many begin building a doTERRA business.
And this stream of income may be what you’re looking at to cover some of the bills and support your family’s health through your monthly order. It’s a sweet spot for sure!

Screenshot 2020-10-03 at 13.42.45.png

Here’s how you’ll earn:

You first need to commit to placing a 100pv monthly rewards order. This is the to ensure you are a product of the product. It’s also one of the lowest investment businesses in the industry!

Retail commission: You will have your own doTERRA website to send people where they can either pay full price retail or open up their wholesale pricing through the purchase of an enrolment kit. If they purchase items at the full retail price - you will earn 25% commission on that point value of the sale and it comes to you 1 month later. This is not a very popular option as most people will purchase at wholesale. See next point.

Enrolment commission: When you enrol someone with a starter kit, you will receive 20% commission on the point value of the sale and it comes to you weekly known as the fast start bonus. You continue to earn this bonus if your customer purchases again in the next 2 months. If you enrol someone that starts enrolling people you earn 10% commission on their enrolments. And this actually goes one more level to 5% commissions.

CLICK HERE for more on this bonus. This will be your main income in your first year of business until you’ve grown a team that starts producing unilevel commission. See next point.

Unilevel Commission: This is a monthly commission that you are paid based on the overall sales of your doTERRA team that month.  This is what you earn after a customer you’ve enrolled is ordering beyond the initial 2 months and you earn between 2 - 7% depending on how low they are in your tree. Not only that - you earn off of the entire team below you so if you have people on your team that are enrolling, you earn 2- 7% off of that too. This is where doTERRA really stands out because it’s built for long term income. The lower people are in your team, the more you earn. Most other companies flip that so that you earn quickly right up front but then over time you stop earning through your team. Here’s the other piece within this that makes doTERRA unique: we have the highest retention rate in the industry of around 67%. Most other companies have between 10 - 15%. More customers in doTERRA continue to order than in any other direct selling company, because the product is incredible + life-changing and not hype.

Power of 3 bonus:  This is a monthly bonus based on the STRUCTURE of your team.  If you and 3 people on your front line are each purchasing 150 pv in products monthly … you’ll receive a $50 bonus.  If you help each of THOSE 3 people have 3 people onTHEIR front line purchasing 150 pv in products monthly … you’ll receive a $250 (approx £190) bonus. And that goes 1 more level deep where you will earn $1500 (approx £1,140) a month.

Leadership bonus pools:  doTERRA offers monthly bonuses to those who build larger teams over time and reach the rank of SILVER and above.  One of the bonuses – the Leadership Performance Pool – is 2% of the topline, worldwide sales divided into payments for those who have reached the Silver Rank and above.  It is a GREAT additional bonus and continues to grow in value as the company grows.

The pathway:

I would highly encourage you to begin as a customer.
Purchase your first kit of oils and then spend at least 3 months learning about them + applying what you’re learning.
You take a step forward as an advocate for your health + family.

And then sometime after that you would be ready to teach your first set of classes.
You would upgrade your account to Wellness Advocate (this is free to do) and would teach 1 class a week for 3 months.

This is the very best way to start rather than just a class here and there.

We’ll connect you to the tools + community to support you as you grow … this is the BEST part!

I can confidently say, you will have access to everything you need to build this business confidently.
You just need to show up for the work.

Screenshot 2020-10-03 at 14.02.52.png
Screenshot 2020-10-03 at 14.03.14.png
Screenshot 2020-10-03 at 14.03.03.png
Screenshot 2020-10-03 at 14.03.43.png

How you’ll share the oils:

One of our best practices is to sample people before they come to learn from you at a class. If you’d like to see how I offer a sample experience, click here
We teach you the most effective ways to do this in our Momentum Model.

And then you can share + teach in so many ways:

  • Person-to-person sharing: Meeting for an oils + tea date, handing out samples at the gym, having your faves  in your bag for others to try, mailing samples to friends and family, inviting a person to your home to try them, and so on. This is going to be best if you feel more confident working 1:1 as opposed to presenting to a group.

  • Sharing on social media, your blog or website: I suggest you document your journey learning + applying the oils as you go! This is a great way to share the oils authentically and allow others to learn along with you. 

  • Free or paid ONLINE classes: Using Facebook Live or Zoom, you can teaching simply! We give you slide decks and teaching class- you’ll have everything you need to do this!

  • Free or paid IN PERSON classes: These can be small in-home classes, public workshops (such as at a library), private classes (for a chiropractor or wellness studio), public demonstrations (health expos etc). Again - you’ll have access to everything you need to teach classes.

  • Free or paid coaching/consulting: If you’re a health coach or wellness practitioner or offer some other service that fits you can offer one-on-one support for your clients who are using doTERRA products and create health protocols or coaching regimens based on the oils.


Order your starter kit or create your own

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